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Chairman’s Letter: The Value of the Delta Pilot

As we approach Section 6 negotiations, we will all be increasing our focus on what we are paid, what benefits are available to us and our families, and the quality of our life and work environments; in other words, what we receive in exchange for the job we do.

Understanding Your Union


Understanding Your Union: The ALPA Board of Directors (BOD)

This is the eleventh installment in a series of posts designed to explain the structure and function of your union. Knowing how your union works and who to contact when you have questions or issues you want addressed will help you make the most of your career. Today we’re looking at The ALPA Board of Directors (BOD).

Pilot Life


The Flight Deck


Human Trafficking: What to Look For

Human trafficking has been identified as the world’s fastest-growing criminal activity, second only to the sale and transport of illegal drugs. It’s an uncomfortable topic, but one that deserves our attention. As pilots, we may see victims of this crime out in the open on our aircraft and, with proper training, we may be able to help.

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