1. Scheduling Committee Publishes IROP and FAR 117 Guides

In response to the April IROP, the Scheduling Committee created IROP and FAR 117 guides to help pilots during irregular operations. These pieces will be added as addendums to the Schedule Reference Handbook in the next update and will be available in the Content Locker.

A Delta Pilots’ Guide to Major IROPS and “Keeping it Legal” guides pilots on how to handle FAR 117 compliance, scheduling issues and more in the event the Company cannot be contacted during a major IROP.

FAR 117 Back to Basics helps pilots better understand requirements, definitions and specific scenarios they may face.

  1. Pilot Tools Launched on MEC Website

Seniority and Pay calculators are now available on the MEC website via the Pilot Tools button. Originally launched to help pilots evaluate their options during the AE bid period, these tools continue to help pilots in planning and forecasting their future. Expect improvements to these tools in the near future.

  1. PBS WebApp Bid Assist Helps Pilots Learn NavBlue

Volunteers appeared in almost every crew room in May to help pilots learn how to use the new PBS WebApp for bidding their monthly schedules. If you missed them in May, they’ll be back in June. Meet with experts in the ATL, DTW, LAX(new), MSP, NYC, SEA and SLC crew lounges June 6–10, or call the Bid Assist Call Center at 404-714-4465. Read more about the bid assistance tools available to you in Vectors.

  1. MEC Releases Bidding 101 to Assist Pilots in May Advanced Entitlement

The May Advanced Entitlement included mandatory displacements, closing of categories and the introduction of a new category, so the Scheduling Committee put together a comprehensive Bidding 101 document to assist pilots. In addition, the MEC placed and received hundreds of calls helping pilots navigate the complicated bid. Take a look at Bidding 101 to prepare for the next AE.