Month: August 2017

P4P Lends Support ‘During a Most Difficult Time in Our Lives’

When you donate to the Pilots for Pilots (P4P) Fund, you’re helping your fellow ALPA members and their families. As part of this summer’s 717 Club donation campaign, ALPA reached out to seven of the pilots who have received grants from P4P in the recent past to share their stories. Click here to donate today and make sure the next pilot who needs help gets it. Remember, we’re all just a disaster away from needing P4P. When Hurricane Hermine landed last year, it pushed four to six inches of salt water throughout the home of Capt. John Valine (Delta). “The damage...

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Your FCRs Have an Impact On EFB Planning

Submitting an FCR for an EFB issue can feel tedious, but it is making a difference. The FCRs you provide for technical issues have a significant impact on planning, expectations, and the future of the EFB at Delta. Your reports can shape the direction of how Delta can better accommodate our needs on the flight deck. The ALPA IT Committee recommends that you continue to submit an FCR for any EFB-related issues; in large numbers these reports are powerful indicators to the Company. With the new software upgrade, installed via USB drive, Delta expects many of the recurring technical...

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Delta MEC Elections Happening This Fall

Every three years, elections open on the local council level, giving pilots the opportunity to vote for candidates to represent their interests to the MEC and the Company. This election season will be particularly active, with three councils holding nominations and elections for 3-year terms beginning March 1, 2018, and one council holding an interim election for the position of First Officer Representative. If you are a part of C1, C16, or C48, nominations and elections will be held beginning in September. C66 is balloting is currently open until Aug. 10 for First Officer Representative. Don’t pass on the...

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