Every month we compile some of the news stories going on with your union for review. Take a look at what happened in July.

Dues Refund Issued to Pilots

The Delta MEC mailed dues refund checks to 11,795 pilots on July 24. Refunds averaged around $330 per pilot, pro-rated for each individual.

PBS Desktop Application Retirement

NavBlue introduced the PBS WebApp in May 2016. With this new online platform, the Desktop Application was planned to be phased out and was retired in late July 2017. The MEC put out several documents and videos, and a dedicated PBS Help website, to demonstrate the new WebApp and prepare pilots for the retirement of the Desktop Application. Now that the Desktop Application is no longer supported, pilots can bid in two ways:

  1. WebApp (aka the new bid interface)
    1. Includes an analysis tool and can be used on- or offline
  2. Web User Interface (aka the old bid interface)
    1. Only available online

A Focus on Scope

The Scope Compliance and Analysis Committee, in collaboration with the MEC, is releasing a three-part educational Scope series. Part One, Where We Started, was released in July, with parts two and three to follow in the coming months. Pilots are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this series to better understand how scope affects pilot careers, and the protections offered in the PWA.