In a continuing effort to provide better informational tools to the pilot group, we’ve launched an enhanced Pilot Tools design on the new Delta MEC website. The new, tabbed layout allows pilots to quickly switch between calculators without having to reload pages. Pilot Tools uses data provided by Delta Air Lines, and is approximate information to be used for reference only.

Relative Position Calculator

The Relative Position calculator now displays information in a color-coded format, depending on your seniority in a specific category. In addition to current and projected percentages of relative seniority, the calculator also provides your seniority number and the total pilots in a category. The mobile version offers an improved format that more clearly displays the information.

Seniority Calculator

The Seniority Calculator provides seniority information year-over-year, with calculations based off known retirements. As early retirements continue to happen, this calculator if updated with the most accurate information.

Pay Calculator

The Pay Calculator tab offers an opportunity to compare two separate categories or changing parameters to evaluate your pay. Customization includes profit sharing percentage, international override and credit hours per month.

As we continue to customize and upgrade these tools, we want to hear from you on what calculators and evaluators Delta pilots would like to see. If you’d like to see a specific tool, or have comments or suggestions on current tools, contact the Communications Committee at