Next week, at the MEC Regular Meeting in San Diego, Calif., the MEC will vote to elect the next Negotiating Committee, who will negotiate for the Delta pilot group through C2019 Section 6 negotiations.

While the 19 voting members of the MEC ultimately decide the outcome of the election, your input and involvement are important to make sure your views are represented. On Monday, November 6 at the San Diego Air and Space Museum PUB event, you can talk with the announced candidates, learn about their backgrounds and provide feedback to your elected council representatives.

Election Process

On Tuesday, nominees for the Negotiating Committee will be given an opportunity to share their qualifications, which will be followed by a question-and-answer session with the MEC. On Wednesday, the MEC will elect the Negotiating Committee chairman and vote on the size of the committee. The committee can have three or four members. The MEC will consider factors including committee makeup, experience and workload to determine committee size. The following day the MEC will vote on the pilots comprising the committee.

Negotiating Committee Election

PUB Event –

Meet Candidates

Nominations Chairman Election + Committee Size

Committee Election

Monday, 11/6 Tuesday, 11/7 Wednesday, 11/8

Thursday, 11/9

Run for the Committee

Any pilot may express interest in running for the Negotiating Committee, but must be nominated in order to be considered. If you are interested in running for a negotiator position, contact your local council representative.

Meet the Candidates and Provide Your Feedback

You can talk with potential candidates who have announced their intention to pursue a negotiator position at the PUB event on Monday, Nov. 6 at the San Diego Air & Space Museum (RSVP on Discuss issues, learn about the candidates, and provide your feedback to your local reps, who will take your input into the elections throughout the week.