The looming threat to our jobs from the ME3 airlines (Emirates, Etihad and Qatar) remains one of the MEC’s primary focuses. Through illegal subsidies and trade violations, the ME3 is dumping capacity into the market at a loss and forcing for-profit airlines like Delta to pull out of markets that we have served for many years.

Today Delta no longer serves India, a country with over one billion people, or Dubai, a market where we once thrived, due to unfair competition. According to the Partnership for Fair and Open Skies each lost international route costs us 1,500 American jobs. These include the loss of wide-body jobs because the United States has yet to enforce the Open Skies agreement, signed by both Qatar and the UAE, which bans government subsides.

All pilots are encouraged to attend the “Our Future Our Fight” event at the DTW Tech Ops hangar on November 15, 3-4pm.  Ed Bastain, Speakers from The Partnership for Fair and Open Skies, and lawmakers from both national and local levels will join the Delta MEC Government Affairs Committee to shed light on this issue. Attend the event, learn about the ME3, and take action on your future.

Contact for questions about the event.