After the official October announcement from Flight Ops, we now know that the next generation of EFBs for Delta pilots will be the Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch. As we anticipate the rollout of this new device sometime next year, here’s what we know and questions we still have that need to be answered.

What we know:

Expected rollout date – May 2018

The device is currently in testing

The iPads will come equipped with a cellular plan

It will feature a new content management system with its own search engine

Per the PWA, a compatible keyboard will be provided with the device

Questions we still have:

Who will be the service provider and how much monthly data will be available to each pilot?

Will we have access to the same suite of Microsoft office tools we currently do?

We will continue to have the ability to maintain a personal account?

Will there be a similar Surface buy-back program as with the first generation?

Does it come with the sweet Apple stylus?

As these questions are answered and more details come to light, we’ll update you with a follow-up post.