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  1. San Diego MEC Meeting

The Delta MEC held its fourth and final Regular Meeting for 2017 in San Diego November 6-10.  The MEC held elections for the Negotiating Committee and confirmed several committee chairs. The MEC passed resolutions, including LOA 17-02. There was significant discussion surrounding Delta’s joint ventures as well as a special focus on retirement benefit options. Special guests, including ALPA President Tim Cannoll, gave presentations. Click here for the full meeting summary.

  1. Contract 2019 Negotiating Committee 

The MEC elected the Contract 2019 Negotiating Committee at the November MEC Meeting. Captain Chad Smith was elected Chairman, and the Committee members include First Officer Eric Criswell, First Officer Brandon Conwill and Captain Kevin Collins. Their election officially marks the beginning of the preparation for the next Section 6 contract negotiations.

  1. LOA 17-02 Pilot Qualifications

The MEC unanimously passed LOA 17-02 at the San Diego meeting. The LOA provides PWA changes allowing pilots with less than 1000 Hours Part 121/transport category time to be awarded a Captain AE and trained once he/she is within the training footprint range of 1000 hours.

  1. Delta Pilot’s Mid-Contract Survey 

A mid-contract survey seeking pilot input on a number of issues began in November and will close January 17 at 12pm EST. Every pilot (in good standing) is encouraged to participate in the survey. Click the link here to take you to the survey.

  1. ALPA Membership Benefit Enrollment

Benefit enrollment for your ALPA membership benefits, including  Compass Critical Illness and Accident Insurance plans, is open until December 31. Visit alpa.org for information regarding the ALPA benefits offered to you. You can also email dalri@alpa.org for any questions regarding your membership benefits.