Last month the rumor that the iPad is coming to the Delta flight deck became fact. We detailed what we know and the initial questions we had here, and now we’re here to update that information and share how you can become a tester and “super user.”

What we know now
Here’s what we know so far about the next generation of EFBs for Delta pilots:

  • EFB will be the Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch 256 GB
  • Includes AT&T cellular plan
  • Expected rollout in May 2018 with testing beginning in January
  • Device will be unlocked, and its use controlled with policies
  • Features new manual repository to replace content locker
  • Won’t offer the same suite of Microsoft tools we currently use
  • Apple doesn’t offer the ability to maintain a personal account
  • And, disappointingly, it will not come with the sweet Apple stylus

Become a tester & super user
If you’re excited about the new iPad EFB, the Company is looking for 100 line pilot volunteers to serve as testers and “super users” for the new device. Pilots who volunteer to test the iPad will fly with the device and test applications, and will be required to attend advanced user classes at select Apple locations to become a “super user.” Once the iPad is officially deployed to all line pilots, the “super users” will serve as a resource on the iPad for their fellow pilots. If you are interested in taking on this challenge, submit the Company’s Expression of Interest form by December 31.

Remaining questions
As this change is being rolled out, not all of our questions have been answered. Here are a few things we still want to know:

  • Will we be able to utilize GPS functions and technology?
  • Will flight plans be pushed to our iPad automatically?
  • Will there be better note taking functions and highlighting abilities for the apps?
  • Will there be a similar Surface buy-back program as with the first generation?

As these questions are answered and more details come to light, we’ll update you with another follow-up post.