Month: December 2017

November MEC Recap

Every month we update you on the highlights of what’s happening in your union. San Diego MEC Meeting The Delta MEC held its fourth and final Regular Meeting for 2017 in San Diego November 6-10.  The MEC held elections for the Negotiating Committee and confirmed several committee chairs. The MEC passed resolutions, including LOA 17-02. There was significant discussion surrounding Delta’s joint ventures as well as a special focus on retirement benefit options. Special guests, including ALPA President Tim Cannoll, gave presentations. Click here for the full meeting summary. Contract 2019 Negotiating Committee  The MEC elected the Contract 2019 Negotiating Committee at the November...

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Understanding Your Union: Officers of the MEC

This is the third in a series of posts designed to explain the structure and function of your union. Knowing how your union works and who to contact when you have questions or issues you want addressed will help you make the most of your career. In Part I we talked all about local councils/LECs, in Part II we focused on the Master Executive Council (MEC), and today we’re looking at the officers of the MEC. Who are the officers of the MEC? The officers of the MEC (commonly called the MEC Administration) are four elected officers, chairman, vice...

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