Month: March 2018

C Series Update

The Bombardier C Series will be the newest addition to Delta’s fleet, arriving in late 2018. The CS100 follows the Airbus A350, further expanding Delta’s fleet diversity. Shortly after Delta’s announcement to purchase the C Series, a significant tariff was proposed, potentially halting delivery. However, a ruling by the U.S. International Trade Commission paved the way for the deliveries to begin, albeit almost a year behind schedule. Delta is the U.S. launch customer for the C Series, with 75 firm orders with options for 50 additional orders, some of which may be converted to the larger CS300. While an...

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February MEC Recap

Every month we update you on the highlights of what’s happening in your union.   2018 Profit Sharing For the fourth consecutive year, Delta paid out more than $1 billion in profit sharing to its employees. For more information on the history of profit sharing, the MEC published a “Did You Know” article on the history of profit sharing. As a reminder, please check your profit sharing checks for accuracy. ATL Tower Tour The Delta Pilot Network organized a successful first tour of the Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport Air Traffic Control Tower. Approximately thirty pilots attended and were able to...

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Recognizing The Future at Delta this International Womens’ Day

Delta Air Lines is going through a transition before our very eyes. Over a few short years, pilots shed flight kits and the dreaded Jeppesen revisions and they were replaced with EFBs. And now, hiring demographics have shifted to a younger, civilian group. More women are flying now than ever before, and Delta’s hiring reflects that. The future of Delta Air Lines can be seen in someone like the Company’s new-hire pilot, Kate R. First Officer Kate R. has a retirement date of January 2059, when she will hold the number one seniority position in the company. Aviation DNA...

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Orlando Tower Tour

ATC facilities can seem like an alien environment with disembodied voices on the other side of the headset. But as pilots, our relationship with those voices is integral. Viewing air traffic controllers in their work environment can help pilots better understand this important relationship. The Delta Pilot Network (DPN) has begun reaching out to different ATC facilities to set up tours for Delta pilots. The most recent DPN tower tour took place in Orlando. Though participation was limited due to space constraints, eight pilots were able to tour the Orlando Control Tower and TRACON facilities on March 6 at...

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Understanding Your Union: What’s the Difference Between the PWA and the FOM?

This is the sixth installment in a series of posts designed to explain the structure and function of your union. Knowing how your union works and who to contact when you have questions or issues you want addressed will help you make the most of your career. Today we’re looking at the differences between the PWA and the FOM. The Pilot Working Agreement (PWA) The Pilot Working Agreement (aka “the Contract”) is the result of negotiations between the Company and ALPA on behalf of Delta pilots. ALPA, as our designated bargaining agent, meets with the Company in accordance with...

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