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  1. 2018 Profit Sharing
    For the fourth consecutive year, Delta paid out more than $1 billion in profit sharing to its employees. For more information on the history of profit sharing, the MEC published a “Did You Know” article on the history of profit sharing. As a reminder, please check your profit sharing checks for accuracy.
  2. ATL Tower Tour
    The Delta Pilot Network organized a successful first tour of the Hartsfield-Jackson Int’l Airport Air Traffic Control Tower. Approximately thirty pilots attended and were able to ask questions of local controllers as well as tour the tower itself. Thank you to those that expressed interest. The MEC hopes to continue organizing similar tours at different facilities in the future.
  3. R&I Handbook
    The Retirement & Insurance Committee has developed the 2018 Retirement and Insurance Handbook, published in January, to assist pilots understand general retirement and insurance issues. The handbook provides a general summary of retirement and insurance issues to help pilots understand the basics in a dynamic and changing environment. The R&I Committee also provides various videos and bulletins on the committee webpage, accessible here.
  4. Pilot Dashboard
    The Delta MEC introduced Pilot Dashboard in February to give pilots enhanced tools to provide informational insight into how seniority and position may affect your quality of life. The Pilot Dashboard includes seniority and pay calculators, retirement projections and more. Learn more about the Pilot Dashboard here.
  5. 2018 Hiring Trends
    Delta hired 211 pilots through the end of February. 63% Civilian and 37% Military. Flight time ranged from 1,600 (military) to 13,500 (civilian), with an average of 4,714 hours of experience. Delta has publicly announced they will hire approximately 1,000 pilots in 2018.