Manage your ALPA Email Subscriptions


ALPA launched a new tool to allow members to manage their ALPA email subscriptions and preferences. ALPA uses the AMES/RealMagnet email system for communicating with members. To subscribe/unsubscribe from various ALPA email groups, log into ALPA members will also be able to access this tool in their account management page within the Email/Mail Preferences Tab.


Here’s what you need to know:

  • We recommend all pilots subscribe to the Delta MEC list (called “MEC_Fastread_Communication”), which you are signed up for by default
  • Changes to subscriptions (subscribing/unsubscribing from lists) will take effect immediately
  • Changes to your email address will update overnight
    • ALPA volunteers (past or present) who have an email address will have the ALPA email as the default email address; if you no longer need your email address, please contact ALPA’s IT Help Desk or Member Services
  • Users who have marked ALPA email as spam and wish to reconnect will still need to have their account processed separately – contact ALPA’s IT Help Desk for assistance
  • The top of the subscription page references data (email, name) that should be the same as in the ALPA database; however, if there is a discrepancy, members will need to change it within their My Account page or request an update with Membership