First Officer Kenny Arnaldi was hired in May 2018, having previously served as a first officer and captain at Endeavor. We talked to him about his career path and relationships with ALPA. 

On May 14, 2018, Kenny Arnaldi was assigned a seniority number at Delta Air Lines. At just 27 years old, he’d achieved his dream job. “I grew up in Europe, but always wanted to be a Delta pilot,” said Arnaldi. His path to Delta is becoming increasingly common: graduated flight school (Embry-Riddle), served as a flight instructor for the university while earning his master’s degree in Aeronautics, flew at a regional as a first officer/captain, then was hired at Delta. Nine years from the first time he flew a Cessna 172, he completed OE at Delta.


While Kenny’s credentials helped him land the job, his involvement with ALPA at Endeavor prepared him for the transition to Delta. “I was fortunate to lead the Endeavor Air Pilot Mentor Program, a collaborative effort between ALPA and management. Pilot mentors support new hire pilots with ALPA resources and help ensure their success during training and out ‘on stage.’ ALPA offers great support and resources to new pilots.”

Active with ALPA at Endeavor, Kenny was quick to get involved at Delta, too. “I keep up with ALPA communications primarily through ALPA’s emails and Facebook group, as well as the automated text messaging system. I also follow ALPA on Instagram.” As he’s never gone through negotiations before, Kenny has been paying close attention to C2019 contract prep communications. “I would love to see educational primers on how negotiations work, to better understand the process and the outcome. I admire and value Delta’s historically strong union-management relationship and am hopeful it will stay this way through C2019 and beyond.”


Kenny completed training without a hitch and has been enjoying his time on the line. He has even been able to pay it forward, inspiring a teenager the way he was inspired as a youngster by a Delta pilot. Still, he knows where to turn if he ever faces an issue. “ALPA and Delta have showcased their support at all levels multiple times throughout my training and during my first steps on the line. I know that I can count on ALPA to help me if the need ever arises.”


He also recognizes the larger efforts of ALPA National’s outreach to benefit his and all other pilot careers: “One of the things I enjoy about being an ALPA member is my ability to support different initiatives the union is taking to support pilots in the U.S. and worldwide – such as defending our jobs against foreign carriers breaching international agreements (i.e. NAI, the ME3) and the industry on home soil with ALPA’s initiatives to educate our politicians on several hot topics. I value the opportunity to make a difference and promote our careers and the industry.”