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January MEC Recap

Every month we update you on the highlights of what’s happening in your union.   ATL Power Outage Reroute Pay ALPA is seeking pilot information related to the ATL power outage. If you were impacted in any way (particularly if you were rerouted into an extra duty period), please send your name, employee number, rotation number and start date, screenshots of rotation(s), detailed information on extensions and any other relevant information to  as soon as possible. Check your Checks   The Retirement & Insurance Committee published a report reminding pilots to review your last paycheck for 2017, first...

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Want to test the iPad EFB? Here’s How

Last month the rumor that the iPad is coming to the Delta flight deck became fact. We detailed what we know and the initial questions we had here, and now we’re here to update that information and share how you can become a tester and “super user.” What we know now Here’s what we know so far about the next generation of EFBs for Delta pilots: EFB will be the Apple iPad Pro 10.5-inch 256 GB Includes AT&T cellular plan Expected rollout in May 2018 with testing beginning in January Device will be unlocked, and its use controlled with...

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6 Features of the Digital Flight Plan (that we can’t wait to use)

  Directly access the digital flight plan, or email it to your whole crew No need to trade folded paper back and forth, improvise cutting boards, or commiserate about perforations (or the lack thereof). With a simple click on iCrew or iCrew mobile, pilots will be able to email themselves or their crew the interactive digital flight plan. Hyperlinks take you where you need to go The digital flight plan offers hyperlinks to each section, making flight plan entry and verification a streamlined process of Direct-To flight plan navigation. Save time on your preflight Jeppesen Flight Deck duties This...

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