Make the most of your time in St. Paul with this handy guide, curated by the Delta Pilot Network. Restaurants, entertainment and other must-see attractions are shown on the map below to help you plan your stay. Save this map to your phone or other mobile device, and get walking or transit directions. Missing a must-see venue? Email with suggestions.

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Hotel Information

The St. Paul 

Downtown Saint Paul Minnesota

350 Market Street

Saint Paul, MN 55102

Hotel Dining Information 

Hotel Service and Amenities

MEC Meeting PUB Information 

St. Paul Saints Baseball Game

Tuesday, June 11

5:30 PUB

7:00 First Pitch

If you RSVP’d for tickets, DPN will distribute your ticket to you on Monday, June 10 at the meeting.

CHS Field

360 N Broadway St, St Paul, MN 55101

15 minute walk from the hotel or a 5 minute Uber/Lyft/Cab ride. 



Restaurants & Cafés


Octo Fish Bar 

Black Sheep Pizza

Dark Horse Bar and Eatery

Kincaids Steakhouse 


Bars, Pubs and Breweries

Green Lantern

Elephant Bar

Birch’s Lower Town

Recreation and Points of Interest

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Minnesota History Center

Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary

Lower Landing Park

Kellogg Mall Park

Science Museum of Minnesota